If a nigga can’t accept a girls stretch marks he a bitch nigga straight up

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when you say a great comeback without stuttering


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The second I feel close to committing to a relationship I get so scared like what if he loved the person before me so much I can’t compare to that or how far he got with her I won’t be able to compete, it’s just so many scary things going through my head I want to ditch the feelings like I always do but I’m going to just stop being afraid of getting hurt and start committing to him.. If I get broken again or cheated on I’ll know to stay away from relationships for awhile.

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Why'd you reblog that


No one is like me.. I LOVE SCHOOl but mostly because I love people I love smiling and talking to them and no one freaking gets how lucky they are that their parents aren’t weird and let them go! I hate being homeschooled I sit around and get fat all day and do nothing! Anther thing I don’t get is all my friends get whatever they freaking want because their parents do what they want instead of what Themselves want and my parents only get what they think I need never what I just want it’s always what I need but when I get older I’m going to get everything I want not just what I need because I’m sick of my brothers getting everything and me getting nothing.

Toe nails longer than my attention span

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this deserves an oscar

i wont stop reblogging this until the whole world has seen it